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Case Studies

Guard Patrol Monitoring System

A client involved in site security came to us with the requirement to monitor a security guard patrolling a site. They needed to make sure that the security guard patrolled the site during a shift and visited various locations during his patrols. Our solution involved a series of ‘touch’ pads to be located on the security guards route. The guard simply touched each pad with a hand held device which recorded the time at which he visited the site. This information was then supplied to the client as part of their billing system.

As a follow up to our Guard Monitoring system they also wanted to be able to transfer the guards patrol to a web server so that the records could be updated on a daily basis. For this we designed a GPRS base station for use with the hand held guard unit.

Customised FlashModule Controller

An aviation company purchased our FlashModule products and used them the develop a radar application. On completion of their application code we were tasked with customising our FlashModule FM-200 controller card for use in an aircraft. This required customised connectors and a profiled circuit board.

Extendable Key Cabinet Controller

We were asked to design a system to secure sets of keys in a ‘key cabinet’. The keys are to be issued to people/departments using a ID number and pin code. Once the operator has keyed in their code and selected which keys they require the system books the keys out to them and unlocks the relevant key. The operator removes the keys and takes them away. When the keys are returned the operator plugs the keys back into a vacant slot in the key cabinet which then recognises the key set and books them back in. Should someone require a set of keys that are currently booked out they can find out who has the keys.

Vending Machine Fluid Monitoring System

We were asked to design a system to control and monitor a fluid vending system. Our solution involved a network of ‘fluid controllers’ each capable of operating up to 8 valves. Software was written to communicate with the management system so that they can control and monitor the amount of fluid used by each valve. Alarms can be generated on unusual activity.

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About Cambridge Microprocessors

Cambridge Microprocessor Systems Limited are pioneering designers and manufacturers of bespoke communications systems, electronic controllers, data loggers, networking and network peripherals, signal conditioning systems, and embedded controllers for use in aircraft testing, stock control, oil and petrochemical exploration, marine science, laser control, environmental control, and training and education. They also provide PAT Testing services to ensure their customers premises and equipment comply with legal requirements.

Based in Great Dunmow, Cambridge Microprocessor Systems are ideally located to provide PAT Testing Services and bespoke communications equipment to clients throughout Essex, including Chelmsford, Dunmow, Harlow, Braintree and Bishops Stortford.

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